Samhain 2013

Our big Samhain Ritual is open to the public. It is free to members and $10 for nonmembers. It will most likely be held at second damn. We will have a fire, but it may get chili so dress warm. More details to come.

We need volunteers to play roles in the ritual. There are five parts available:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Spirit

Comment to let us know which part you want to take on.

When: November 2nd

Where: TBA

Time: 7 pm (6 pm for helpers)


  1. I would love to volunteer for spirit. I will need to know if anything is needed, like props ??? thank you so much for the updated info.
    Lady Maat

  2. Karin says:

    I can definitely help out. I will coin toss for Air or Water. I can do other stuff too, like bring things. Let me know!

  3. Say ladies, I am sorry that I missed campus cafe. If one of you could possibly respond I would love to know the time of rite, location, food etc., also If you still need someone to volunteer for directions etc.

    Nan Lady Maat

  4. Well ladies since I have not had any response to my info., inq. I will be celebrating alone. Not sure how to feel about your group, yet I wish you all a BLESSED BE

    lady Maat

  5. How does one get in touch with you? Do you review these replies at all? Should anyone see and read this please try to respond. If not I will assume that either your group is no longer running, or that new witches are not welcomed.

  6. N says:

    I am also curious about this group, but am unsure since the lack of replies…

  7. Kassie says:

    New individuals are more than welcome but the website isn’t being utilized by the current leadership for communication. It is best that you email the group at usupagansAT gmailDOTcom , become a member of our FB page, or attend a class/event.
    Very sorry that no one replied to your inquiries. It is in no way personal.

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