Representing Faith

So I’ve been really upset about this article about a town in Minnesota that is driving gay teens to suicide. There’s a lot to be upset about in the article itself. Schools are sacred to me, a temple to learning and childhood that is all too often sullied by politics, and the hate of narrow minded people(some day I’ll have to blog the story of the time my high school had posters up listing Wicca as a mental illness). I think that the article and the school’s response since speak for themselves, the deafening silence of the schools response, which seems to be essentially “We do the right thing don’t look at us like that, don’t tell people what’s happening!”

This response to the whole affair I read got me thinking about the role faith has in society, and our responsibility to represent our faith in a positive light, and stand up for not just ourselves but also others. JT was spot on when he mentioned the deafening silence of the liberal or moderate christians in these cases. We need to speak up and be visible as a community. Part of being Pagan is representing ourselves and our faith to the public.

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